"Those who love and
Appreciate flowers – their
Grace and beauty, have
Hearts equally as beautiful.”

~Mokichi Okada~


Ikebana by Professor Valeria Brinkers

Ikebana by Assistant Professor Leonard Brinkers

Ikebana by Professor Valeria Brinkers


 Valeria of IkebanaLessons.com has been practicing Ikebana for thirty years. She graduated from the Sangetsu School of Flower Arranging, Kado Sangetsu-Ryu, as an instructor in June of 1993. The Sangetsu School of Flower Arranging was established on June 15, 1972, inspired by the flower arrangements of Mokichi Okada. The instructor follows Mokichi Okada’s philosophy which gives guidance on how to make an arrangement that retains its life forces and is an expression of nature. If you would like to know more about the philosopher Mokichi Okada contact us.

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