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The Sangetsu School of Flower Arranging was established on June 15th, 1972, inspired by the flower arrangements of Mokichi Okada (1882-1955). Okada was an artist, philosopher, and humanitarian who believed in the transforming quality of art as a means to awaken the inherent beauty within each individual.

Okada's flower arrangements expressed his great love of nature in their simplicity and naturalness. His style of arranging, preserved in a series of color photographs, formed the basis of the School and serves as the model for Korinka - the advanced level and essence of Sangetsu.

Sangetsu means "mountain moon." The name was taken from the beautiful teahouse, Sangetsu-an, which was constructed in the gardens Okada created in Gora, Japan.

Okada did not propose specific techniques for arranging flowers, but gave guidance on how to make an arrangement that retains its life forces and is an expression of nature.

"Those who love and
Appreciate flowers – their
Grace and beauty, have
Hearts equally as beautiful.”


~Mokichi Okada~

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